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Master XL
  • First choice of Industry for years.
  • HP range 1/3-20.
  • Right angle or parallel outputs.
  • C-face or gearmotor inputs.

  • HP range 1/3-75.
  • Easily maintained, power dense design.
  • Foot or flange mount with c-face, gearmotor and shaft inputs.


  • HP range ¼-10.
  • C-face worm-helical reducer.
  • Designed with mounting flexibility and ease of maintenance in mind.


  • HP range ¼-7.5.
  • Pre-engineered, drop in replacement for Motodrive.
  • Parallel output.


  • HP range ¼-50.
  • Simplicity of maintenance and reliability.
  • Parallel or right angle output.
  • A variety of mounting options, controls and enclosures.


  • HP range ¾-10.
  • Easy maintenance design.
  • Available in severe duty enclosures.


  • Suitable for motor frames 56-256T.
  • Economical adjustable speed drive.
  • Easy to install and maintain.