Catalog Information

Master XL
  • First choice of Industry for years.
  • HP range 1/3-20.
  • Available in right angle or parallel outputs.
  • Choice of c-face or gearmotor inputs.
  • A variety of mounting options and enclosures are available.

  • HP range 1/3-75.
  • American made parallel gearing.
  • Featuring power density and ease of maintenance.
  • Available as foot or flange mounted with c-face, gearmotor and separate shaft inputs.
  • Severe duty enclosure options available.


  • HP range ¼-10.
  • C-face worm-helical reducer.
  • Designed with mounting flexibility and ease of maintenance in mind.
  • No conventional vent plug which minimizes seepage and contamination.


  • HP range ¼-50.
  • Ideally suited for demanding applications.
  • Features simplicity of maintenance and reliability.
  • Available with parallel or right angle output.
  • A variety of mounting options, controls and enclosures are offered.


  • HP range ¾-10.
  • Well suited for high torque starting requirements.
  • Maintenance friendly design reduces service time to minutes per year.
  • Available in severe duty enclosures.
  • Handwheel and remote electrical controls are offered.


  • Suitable for motor frames 56-256T.
  • Economical adjustable speed drive.
  • Featuring Reeves variable pitch motor pulley and adjustable base.
  • Easy to install and maintain.